Our Mission

Your Dog is Our Priority

The Pooped Puppy is a family and veteran-owned dog daycare and boarding facility. We pride ourselves on creating a safe, fun and enriching environment for your pups so that they can enjoy being a dog. We offer both indoor and outdoor play areas that are fully supervised by trained pack leaders at all times..


Meet Our Pack Leaders

Natalie & Michael Brown

Our love for dogs started when we adopted our first dog Kali when she was a little puppy.  It was the perfect time for us to get our first dog because we had both been discharged from the Navy and moved to New Mexico. I worked with Kali for hours every day, teaching her manners and cool tricks.  It wasn’t long before Kali had a whole book of tricks mastered and was running at my side without a leash.  We rescued another dog a short time later, a black lab we named Shadow.   As soon as Kali and Shadow met it was love at first sight.

Soon after adopting Shadow we decided that New Mexico wasn’t for us and made the move back to San Diego. We started the dog daycare out of our house where we had a huge yard for dogs to play and relax all day.  It wasn’t too long before we outgrew the yard and decided to move the business to a bigger facility.  With some hard work, a lot of DIY construction videos and some helping hands from some friends and family, The NEW Pooped Puppy was constructed in a few short months, all while preparing to bring our first baby boy into the world.

We created The Pooped Puppy because we are so happy to be able to give dogs the opportunity to BE DOGS!  It is so hard in this busy day-to-day work life to spend as much time with your dogs as they need.  We understand that!  We used to be those people.  Let us help. Here, your pooch will be able to mingle and wrestle with other dogs and will get the attention they desire from humans too. It is so rewarding for us to see happy, pooped dogs by the end o the day, which leads to happy and relaxed dog owners!!!  OUR PASSION IS OUR PURPOSE!!!  Let us show you what The Pooped Puppy can do for you and your furry family member.


The Facility

Pet Tested and Approved!


Outdoor Play Area

Our outdoor play area consists of soft turf, a raised deck, gravel and jungle gyms for the dogs to climb up, on or under! We also have dog cots laid out for the dog’s lounging pleasure and sun shades covering the yard to keep it cool.  Even during the hottest days of summer, the outdoor yard stays quite cool.

Indoor Play Area

We have two indoor play areas. The indoor play area remains at a cool 75 degrees during daycare hours with dog cots and other fun and safe toys for the pups to enjoy. Their indoor areas are fully contained and separated so we can keep big dogs and small dogs apart as necessary.


Boarding Rooms

The Pooped Puppy is currently built out with 5 boarding rooms.  They are a spacious 5 x 10 x 6 room where even the biggest of breeds can move around comfortably.  Each room has a latching door, a dog cot, food and water bowls and stays about 75 degrees for your dog’s comfort.

We look forward to welcoming you and your pup into our pack! Please contact us to schedule a temperament assessment to get started!

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