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The Pooped Puppy has a special place in the pack and our hearts for Athena.  She is such a good girl and has quite the personality. Pack leaders have to be very aware of where Athena is when filling up the water bowls because if she is near, it’s TIME TO GET WET! She loves getting sprayed with the water. Yup! This girl knows how to have fun, and how to stay cool in the process. BUT, when it is time to listen and be a good girl, she is tops.  She always aims to please and will actually grovel if she feels she has been a disappointment. In her spare time, she chases the ball, catches frisbees and protects her newest little human brother. The Pooped Puppy can honestly say that it would not be the same around here if Athena wasn’t a regular furry face.  We love you, Athena!

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