What Every Owner Should Know

How is it going with your new dog? Are you having fun or wondering why you got yourself in to this? Are you realizing that your dog did not arrive pre-trained? I don’t have a magic wand but I do have information to help you!

The Only 3 That Matter

Love, Trust, and Respect are the key ingredients to a wonderful relationship with your dog. If even one of these is missing you will be having issues with your dog. Let’s talk about each one.

Think of love as the bond between you and your dog. The easiest way to build this bond is by spending time with your dog. If you have more than one dog, make sure you spend time individually with each dog. Remember that every word, every touch, every game and every gesture is what dog training is.

Your dog is learning to respond to you. If you want to know what she is learning then look at her behavior. Why not use the bonding time you are already spending as quality teaching time?

Trust is a two way street. You earn your dog’s trust by learning to communicate with her in ways she can understand and respond to. She earns your trust by becoming reliable with coming when called, housetraining, chewing on her toys, and greeting people with good manners. 

Trust takes the longest time to form of the 3 key ingredients. Rescue dogs have often lost their trust in people and need to learn that you are trustworthy.

Respect cannot be demanded it must be earned. Try walking up to a teenager and say ‘I’m an adult, respect me!’ It doesn’t work with teenagers or dogs. I prefer to think about respect instead of pack rankings!

I don’t want to intimidate my dog in to listening to me- I prefer that she wants to listen to me. To earn your dog’s respect you first respect your dog! She is a dog- not a person or a thing! Learn to communicate with her in ways she understands. Be fair and consistent in play and training.

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