Personalized Training & Group Classes

Are you experiencing any of these issues with your four legged friend?

• Jumping on people
• Destroying your house or yard
• Not coming when called
• Pulling on the leash
• Excessive barking
• Shyness/fear
• Aggression
• Anxiety
• Compulsive Behaviors

The Pooped Puppy is here to help! We offer both group and individual training programs to help dog owners better understand their dog in order to create a healthy, happy lifestyle for them.

Group Classes

The Pooped Puppy offers both beginner and advanced group classes.  These classes are tailored to helping owners build a better relationship with their dog.  Each series contains four 60-90 minute classes, which are held once a week for four weeks.  Classes must be paid for prior to attendance and enrollment is on a first come, first serve basis.  10 person max per class.

Group Class Pricing

Beginner Series: $25 per class or $100 for all four classes
Advanced Series: $35 per class or $125 for all four classes
(Must attend beginner series prior to enrollment in Advanced)

Individual Session Pricing

• In-Facility - $80 per session
• In-Home - $100 per session

Session Packages

4 Pack: In-Facility - $300 / In-Home - $380
10 Pack: In-Facility - $600 / In-Home - $900

Did you just adopt your first pup? Need help training your young, unruly puppy? If so, this package is for you.  It includes:
• Attendance to beginner group class series
• Five 60-min private sessions, 3 in-facility and 2 in-home

My First Dog/Puppy Training Package - $460

Start With a Temperament Assessment

Includes a Free Day of Daycare!

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We look forward to welcoming you and your pup into our pack! Please contact us to schedule a temperament assessment to get started!

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