Snoop is a squishy toy with a gum-massaging surface. This puzzle toy is dishwasher safe and perfect for pups of any size.

Gnawt-A-Stick is a durable toy with a gum-massaging surface. This toy bounces erratically for an engaging game of fetch and floats in water.

Huck-A-Cone has a knotted rope handle, providing excellent grip during training and rewarding play.

Huckama moves like a critter when thrown and is fun for your pup to chase. The hollow design accepts food for treat rewards.

This flyer is built for dogs that love to play fetch in or around water/snow and is gentle on your pups mouth.


Feed your dog’s inner foodie with these “delicious” squeaky toy.


Lamb Chop was a classic Shari Lewis TV puppet during the 60’s and is now back as a small plush toy that squeaks for your dog.


Zippy Miniz are great to replace critters in the matching Burrows or even as fun little toys for small dogs.

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